Gain instant insights into customer's queries and increase customer satisfaction.





Uninterrupted call experiences with low letency API capabilities

Integrate with your business website to ease the customer communication process




Power your customer engagement through SMS

One inbox for any and every interaction

Receive important information from your customer anytime, anywhere

Enhance on-the-go interactions with seamless connection and intelligent media integrations



Emails enable customer support to react faster

Reach new and already engaged customers

Grow your customer list, reach a wider audience

Get actionable insights to grow your business through email



Using BI, it generates actionable insights to make better-informed decisions

Clear and concise reports to measure several facets of performance with data insights

Across the World

Connect Across Continents

Build Your Business


Promising Leads

Bring leads in one click in mere seconds, obtaining insights, instantly turning them into prospects at a swifter rate. It stores every interaction and nurtures lead at every stage of your business process.


Dynamic and Adaptable

Unified brand experience and quality services for personalized customer query resolutions across multiple channels.

This intelligent application scales itself, offering consistent and right support.


Ease of Contact

Gain immediate data insights to make better-informed business decisions. Plan and execute end-to-end decisions with data analytics insights in one place.


Satisfied Customer

It's important to target the right customer at the right time. Anybody can dial a regular telephone number, but the click to call technology allows you to intelligently segment yours customers. For example you can direct calls from certain webpages to a specific department to best serve the customers needs. This will allow issues and queries to be solved more quickly, resulting in more satisfied customers.


Customer Segmentation

C2C will divide your customers based on demographic, geographic, and behavioral parameters to improve products or service opportunities.


No Number Dialing

C2C eliminates the process of dialing a number or navigating through call hunt. Instead, it enables the customer to get connected with an optimal representative with just one touch.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is Context to Call?
Context to Call is an application for increasing business service efficiency by connecting the end-user to the business.
Will I be charged when I create an account?
No, it is free. You get the first 10 Calls/SMS/Email for $0
How can I enable the Call/SMS/Email button on my website?
You can do this by fetching the unique Embed Code after Signing Up.
How can I change my password?
You can change your password settings under the section "Change Password," located in the website's upper right corner. This section will be visible as a dropdown option under your "User" Section.
What will be my username once I signup?
Your email id used at the time of signup will be your username.